David O. McKay Buildings

Church Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah

President Gordon B. Hinckley

Church College Campus, Temple View

President Thomas S. Monson

BIshop David H. Burton

Aerial View Tuhikaramea Rd Houses

Presiding Bishopric

Gérald Caussé, Gary E. Stevenson, Dean M. Davies

Hamilton Mission Home Construction

GRB Building Design

New Temple view Stake Centre Design

Covered Walkways on campus removed

Demolition of faculty houses

Demolition of  Health Centre


Mid to Late 80’s

•  Waipa District Council (WDC) raised various life safety concerns. The Church responded to these by undertaking a variety of building modifications. Solutions were agreed to between the Church and WDC - including limiting the number attending - to allow for the continued use.


• Early 1990’s

The Church identifies various seismic and structural issues with their buildings in NZ which were built in 1950’s and 60’s. Various building condition surveys were undertaken and a seismic program started

• 1997

Structural engineering study was commissioned by Church Headquarters to undertake a building services and structural Condition Report. This was followed up in 1998 with a Condition Report on other CCNZ buildings.

• 1998

Scoping Report prepared by engineers for the upgrade incorporating the results of the destructive testing and a geotechnical investigation.

• 1999

A team of consultants, including engineers, architects, building surveyors, commissioned to undertake a structural, building services, and life safety upgrade.


Preliminary design documentation prepared together with construction methodologies and construction sequence programming to align with the school calendar. Priced by construction cost management and quantity surveying consultants


• 2000

Upgrade placed on hold by Church Headquarters.

• 2003

An engineering executive report was requested by Church Headquarters on the status of CCNZ, Temple, and meetinghouse.

• Special CCNZ Faculty Meeting with President Gordon B. Hinckley at Matthew Cowley Centre, Temple View

• 2004

Architects commissioned to obtain a second opinion on the first engineering recommendations and the quantity surveyors project costings.

• 2006

29 July - Phased out closing of Church College announced by Elder Paul Johnson & Elder W.Rolfe Kerr


• Church College closes

• Meetings with the NZ Historic Places Trust and Hamilton City Council

• Original demolition request cancelled in November 2009. According to the file about 75% of the small number of submitters to the public process opposed the request to upgrade the road, provide for park and plaza, extend the temple grounds, gift the #1 field to the City, and turn a small amount of land into pasture. Accordingly, the Presiding Bishopric recommended to The First Presidency that an envisioning project commence prior to demolition, rather than following demolition.

• The Envisioning project authorized by the Presiding Bishopric.

• Church personnel and U.S. based consultants assigned to visit Temple View to conduct feedback sessions and to engage the City in helping to resolve legal issues around district plan variations that had been under negotiation for a number of years. A Memorandum of Understanding agreed and signed.

• Key community members invited to provide input to future plans and to assist with communication representing the broader CCNZ community.

• Open forum inviting suggestions regarding “visioning” ranged from golf courses, additional residential housing, a school or an ongoing education facility, a cemetery etc. This feedback/information was collated, summarized, and presented to the Presiding Bishopric.

• President Thomas S. Monson announces plans to visit Temple View. CCNZ community leaders contacted inviting them to meet with visiting Church leaders.



President Thomas S. Monson and President Henry B. Eyring along with Presiding Bishop H. David Burton and members of the Area Presidency visit Temple View. They toured the campus and held meetings. President Monson indicated that he had come to Temple View because he needed to know what to do with the property.

• After visit several land and facility use models presented to Church leaders.



• Bishop H. David Burton (Presiding Bishop) and members of the Pacific Area Presidency visit Temple View. The community, local government, Mayor, MP’s, and Church leaders invited to a meet with them

•  Bishop Burton makes presentation of approved plans by The First Presidency. Portraying many of the buildings, including the David O. McKay Building, Classroom blocks and Matthew Cowley centre removed. Not all buildings to be demolished, the GRB, Kai Hall, Library, and First House to be retained

• Bishop Burton announces the project “anew” with two personnel from Church Headquarters assigned to live in NZ and manage the campus repurpose project. Kent Money and Don White


• Consultant engineers commissioned to provide an independent opinion on seismic strengthening proposals obtained in previous years.

• Building Surveyor inspection reports obtained as well as for teacher houses and other CCNZ buildings.

• Weekly meetings with consultants (planners, engineers, architects, and urban/landscape designers etc) begin

• Camp Tuhikaramea - The Church approves a recreational property to be formally established at the Church’s property known as Hamon’s Bush, subject to consent, and budget funds allocated so design work gets underway.


• Project team meets with the Temple Presidency and outlining project moving forward.

• 18 June - Tenants of Church owned housing contacted regarding their tenancy and the next steps for vacating.


• 12 July Community open day - displaying story boards addressing certain aspects of this project, primarily the land zoning issues. Approx 250 visitors, invitations for feedback.


• April - The project team travel to Whangarei to meet with Sonny Tau of Ngapuhi Iwi.

• 12-18 - July presentation made to Ngati Mahanga  and Nga Mana Toopu O Kirikiriroa

• November - Meeting with Tainui leader Tom Roa

Feedback from iwi consultations is positive.


• Another open day provides an update to the community. Newsletters distributed.

• Bishop Dean M. Davies (Presiding Bishopric) visits Temple View meet with the community and Labour Missionaries at Foster Road, participates in the Community Open Day, and inspects project progress and provides future direction.

Bishop Davies reiterates the Prophetic direction for the repurpose of the campus and clarifies that the project goal is to, “protect the sanctity and environment of the Hamilton New Zealand temple and to re-purpose the previous school property in a way that complements and enhances the long term family life and the economic vitality of the Temple View community.”


• Confirmation that the Mendenhall Library will be repurposed to house the CCNZ memorabilia and NZ Church history materials as well as provide offices for the newly announced NZ Hamilton Mission office.

• Consideration given to relocating the Church retail distribution shop to the library. Room allocated for an education component. The library will require much structural upgrades and remodel work.


• Church History department personnel begin in-depth heritage structures studies of key buildings on campus. These studies have been carried out in conjunction with a heritage architect from Auckland. These reports will be helpful for those buildings that the Church will retain and remodel to ensure the heritage aspects of the buildings are preserved. The contextual nature of heritage buildings on campus has also been part of this review.

• All NZ Stake presidents updated on the project.

Purpose and operation of the recreational property explained. Stake presidents tour the bush property.

• Labour Missionary Reunion presentation made to the group on the updated plans for the campus. Labour missionaries express support, love and praise for the Church and its leaders.

• Discussions with the Labour Missionaries continue as we work out the Legacy Park area and all other matters pertaining to this repurpose project.


• Discussions and a review of buildings and plans undertaken with Historic Places Trust.

• Review meetings with Elder David J. Thomson of the Seventy and the Temple View Stake Presidency.

• Subdivision of the vacant land behind the bus shelter gets underway

• Subdivided land down the Western side made available with house and land packages, offered firstly to existing tenants of Church owned houses and then to other interested parties.

• Easter 2013 CCNZ Alumni reunion - participants visit the project office and reviewed for the former CCNZ property.

• Campus buildings no longer available for use.

• Demolition of ancillary buildings at the rear of the campus gets underway.

• Geotechnical investigations carried out on the campus grounds.

• Meetings with the Temple View Heritage Society and the Temple View Residents Association.

• General conference - presentation made to the New Zealand mission reunion meeting in Salt Lake City


Kai Hall and GRB building unavailable for use as redesign and thereafter remodel work commences.

• Projects within the master plan ready to commence:

a) Tuhikaramea Road upgrade,

b) construction of a new stake centre. Consent applications submitted into the HCC.

• Other projects that are ready for scheduling are the remodel of the Library, GRB, and Kai Hall.

• Construction commences of new homes on the Western side of Tuhikaramea Road. The new NZ Hamilton mission president’s home is also part of this project (administered by the Area Office in Auckland)

• Removal of contaminated materials and landfill from the site.

• The retirement housing and aged care facilities portion of the project, discussions begin.


Resource consent for the New Temple View Stake Centre project approved by the Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils



•  Appeal lodged by the Temple View Heritage Society under the name of acting chairperson Peter Witehira.

• The New Stake Centre project delayed while the appeal will be heard in the Environment Court in the coming months.

• Camp Site Project moves ahead with groups of LDS Youth and YSA descending on the campsite in service project teams, assisting with ground clearing and site preparations.


• March 6th - Mendenhall Building upgrade announced- 7th March Resource Consent Application Submitted


• Demolition of footpaths and Covered Walkways etc

• 17 April - Presiding Bishop Gary Stevenson and Area Presidency Elder Kevin Pearson visit the site.


• Demolition of 6 former faculty Houses on Tuhikaramea Rd West, materials processed for recycling.


• The Temple View Heritage Society withdraws its appeal which had been delaying the project.

Permitting preparations get underway for the removal of dorms and medical centre.  Preparations begin for the stake centre construction by preloading the soil for the foundation and removing the houses and engineering block.

Removal of the maintenance facilities at the rear of the campus begins.


• Demolition and removal of the Boys dorms and Health Centre begins


• Demolition and removal of the Boys dorms and Health Centre completed


• Stake Centre Foundation preparations complete



•  Roading upgrade - Magnolia Trees removed as part of Tuhikaramea Road widening and upgrade


•  Mendenhall Building upgrade begins - Planned completion end of 2016


Stage 1. Roading complete


Stage 2 Fosters road roundabout constructions begins


New Stake Centre foundation construction begin



•  Stake Centre and Library projects well under construction.  Legacy Park being formed with installation of planting, water retention ponds, and boardwalks.  Western Housing 3 (16 units) being sold, earthworks and services being undertaken.  Stage 4 housing (6 units) being developed ready for construction of new homes.  Presiding Bishopric approve street names.  Another presentation made to the NZ Missions reunion in SLC.  Catchment and other studies completed.  Curtilage wall, footpaths and landscaping continue to be completed.  Southern roundabout at temple entrance completed.


•  GRB and Kai Halls begin upgrade work.  Earthworks and preloading of remaining campus land.


After the closure of Church College of New Zealand in 2009, the Presiding Bishopric approved an envisioning project to further enhance the surrounds of the Temple.

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